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Thank you for choosing a Bayer product. Simply complete the registration form for an entitlement to a 5 years warranty.

At Bayer, we respect your right to privacy. We also want to present information that is tailored to the needs of our visitors. We ask that you register your meter by filling in the information above. We will use the information you share with us for alerting you any product upgrade and update information, service improvement, research and analysis. Your information will only be used internally and will not be shared with third parties outside the company.

Please contact us at diabetescare@bayerhealthcare.com for any additional questions about the management or use of personal data.

Warranty Registration Card


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2. How long have you been diagnosed with diabetes?
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3. How do you control your diabetes?
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4. Number of blood glucose tests performed in the past seven days
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5. What blood glucose monitoring system, if any, were you previously using?
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Limitations of Warranty:

  1. This warranty is limited to replacement due to defects in parts of workmanship. Bayer HealthCare shall not require to replace any units which malfunction or are damaged due to abuse, accidents, alteration, misuse, neglect, maintenance by other than Bayer HealthCare, or failure to operate the instruments in accordance with instructions.
  2. This warranty does not include the fee for changing spare parts.
  3. This warranty only applies to domestic market.

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